Robinair CooLTECH 700 R134a R/R/R Station

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No. ROB 347002K - R134a Sidewinder 110V 60Hz

Combines Simple Operation with Superior Accuracy

No. ROB 347002K

No. ROB 347012K - R134a Sidewinder - 220-240V 50/60 Hz

The Cool-Tech 700 recovers, recycles, evacuates and recharges R-134A quickly and accurately. Built in the new "sidewinder" cabinet, it combines proven technology with the latest in time-saving features.

Automatic operation means less attention is needed!

  • Automatic Refrigerant Refill-With this latest advance, you never have to stop n the middle of a job to change refrigerant tanks. The unit maintains 12 to 15 pounds of refrigerant in an internal vessel, and even signals when it's time to change the supply tank so no monitoring is needed. Uses a 30 or 50 pound disposable source tank.
  • Automatic Air Purge-Eliminates damaging air without any monitoring of gauges or opening of valves.
  • Automatic Oil Drain-The unit automatically drains system oil captured during recovery, and the display reminds you to empty the bottle. Calibrations on the container clearly show you how much oil needs to be replaced.

Accuracy features eliminate guesswork!

  • Electronic Scale-The scale is mounted internally for protection and has a dampening mechanism that protects against impact shocks such as movement over rough surfaces. The scale weighs recovered refrigerant and charges by weight for greatest accuracy.
  • Internal Storage Vessel-Refrigerant is recovered into and charged out of this vessel, which is permanently mounted to the electronic scale for continuing reliability.
  • Internal Manifold-A Robinair exclusive, this block manifold contains all the solenoids that control refrigerant flow, reducing the possibility of leaking connections.
  • Alpha-Numeric Display-The scrolling display shows messages so it's clear what your choices are or what needs to be done. You can select English, French, German or Spanish, as well as pounds or kilograms.


  • Ergonomic Design-The Cool-Tech 700 cabinet is easy to maneuver between service bays and to position near the vehicle. With the control panel facing the vehicle as you move the unit, you can clearly see the best orientation.
  • Large Gauges-The manifold high and low side gauges are mounted at an angle that's easy to see from under the hood, and they're a full 4" in diameter.

Features that speed service:

  • 6CFM vacuum pump for fast, thorough pull-down
  • Heavy duty compressor pulls from both sides during recovery.
  • Single pass recycling meets SAE specs
  • Oil injector lets you add system oil in seconds.




115V 60Hz

Refrigerant Container

On-board 30lb. (14kg) vessel

Operating Range

50 degree to 120degrees F (11degrees to 49degrees C)

Recycling Filter-Drier

43 cu in. spin-on type

Pump Free


Air Displacement

6 cfm(142 L/m)


52"H x 33"Wx20"D (132cmx83.8cmx50.8cm)


180 lbs. (81.65kg), 255 Ship Weight

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