ACT-CP9449 is Discontinued

ABS BrakeScan™

ACT-CP9449 is Discontinued


Product Details

Introducing the Actron ABS BrakeScan™, an innovative and affordable solution to brake repairs. Born from the most requested functionality, this tool delivers easy-to-use technology at a price unmatched in the industry. This market breakthrough product was developed by the same diagnostic experts that designed the first retail code reader and DIY scan tool. Actron’s ABS BrakeScan delivers a quality product that allows DIYers and technicians alike an inexpensive alternative for diagnosing brake problems. Main Features:
• Understand why the Brake Warning Light (ABS) is on
• Displays ABS trouble codes and definitions
• Coverage for OBDII domestic vehicles 1996 and newer (GM, Ford & Chrysler)
• Plugs into OBDII Port Systems Diagnosed:
• Wheel Speed Sensors
• ABS Solenoids
• The Brake Control Module
• Vehicle Speed Sensors
• ABS Pump Motor
• Brake Switch
• And more...