BSH-F00E900669 is Discontinued

BSH-F00E900669 is Discontinued (Vendor Code Change)

BSH-F00E900669 is Discontinued


Product Details

A high-end, manual, tilt-tower tire changer with maximum rigidity. 


The TCE 4335 is a high end, manual, tilt-tower changer with  outside clamping up to 26in. The heavy tower and cabinet provide maximum rigidity and saves tires from damage by eliminating tower flex.


Designed For:

  • Shop Type: General Service / Specialty
  • Usage Level:  Medium to high volume tire service with premium tire coverage
  • Tire Construction:  Standard tires with occasional high performance / low profile tires

Product Summary:

  • Manual tilt tower operation
  • Premium tire changer designed for  servicing standard and occasional high  performance tires
  • Services a large variety of tire sizes


  • Manual Tilting Column:  Fast and easy positioning;  Just one motion to lock in place
  • All tools within arm’s reach!  Eliminates wasted motion and time!
  • Advanced Mount/Demount Head Technology
    • Tire lever removal without touching the rim!
    • Integral tire iron slot keeps the bead in place for you!
  • Right-Sized Motor for Optimal Performance:  Optimal torque output with power when you need it while preventing bead damage!
  • 3-Position Telescopic Bead Breaker:  Faster operation and prevents wheel damage!
  • Super-Powered Jaw Inflation Jets:  Larger air channels for superior blast force!

Available Model Options:

  • F00E900669 TCE 4335 High Performance Arm Tire Changer
  • F00E900670 TCE 4335 THP High Performance Arm Tire Changer w/Mounting Helper System


  • 1695900001: TCE 300 helper column with following arm 2 support wheels
  • 1695102683: Tire lever
  • 1695103968/1695104083/1695100123: Lubricant container/holder/brush
  • 1695101608: Plastic mount head inside tab protector
  • 1695102725: Plastic mount head outside tab protector
  • 1695103996: Inflation manometer

Optional Accessories:

  • 1695103261 (Alternate: SM103261):  Low profile bead pressing device
  • 1695103216: High profile bead pressing device
  • 1695106190 (Alternate: SM308512): Bead breaker roller board
  • 1695900025: Tire lift
  • 1695900003: Storage shelving kit
  • 1695101608: Plastic mount head inside tab protector (5 pieces)
  • 1695102725: Plastic mount head outside tab protector (1 piece)
  • 1695104071: Plastic Jaw protectors (Set of 4)
  • 1695106152: Plastic bead breaker protection
  • 1695105191: Plastic rim protection
  • 1695105190 (Alternate: SM102683): Tire lever
  • 1695102666: PAX accessory kit
  • 1695105104: High performance and run flat accessory kit
  • 1695102985: Helper arm assembly
  • 1695103547: Motorcycle adaptors (Set of 4)
  • 1695103545: Scooter adaptors (Set of 4)
  • 1695103252: Bead breaker motorcycle support
  • 1695103210: Motorcycle mount head and bracket
  • 1695103211 (Alternate: SM103211): Plastic mount head kit (Includes 1695102765 and 1695102529)
  • 1695102765: Plastic mount head adaptor
  • 1695102529: Replacement plastic mount head


  • External Clamping 10in.–26in.
  • Internal Clamping 12in.–28in.
  • Maximum Rim Width 12in.
  • Maximum Tire Diameter 39.5in.
  • 26in. Table
  • Bead Inflation: Integral to Jaws
  • Motor Power: 1 HP
  • Power: 120V 20A
  • Footprint (width x depth x height): 47in. x 30in. x 72in.
  • Superior warranty (1 yr. parts/3 yrs. motor/5 yrs. trans./6 mo. labor)

TCE Model Comparison:


Warranty: 90-Days