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King Pin & Brake Anchor Pin Pusher Press

    OTC 4240
    King Pin & Brake Anchor Pin Pusher Press

    Product Code: OTC-4240

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    Sale Price: $1,871.94

    Shipping Weight: 114.00 pounds

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    Truck King Pin & Brake Anchor Pin Pusher With Hydraulics

    No. OTC-4240

    Truck King Pin & Brake Anchor Pin Pusher With Hydraulics

    Hydraulic force and precision tooling replace torch and hammer
    methods to remove king pins and anchor pins from most models of trucks and buses.

    Here’s the answer!
    • When servicing king pins, this unit is quickly mounted on the front axle… a unique “swinging gate” feature makes setup easy. Both straight and tapered king pins may be serviced. Five special collars and two pins accommodate king pins of 7/8" to 2" in diameter and up to 11-1/4" long.
    • With tooling in position, up to 30 tons of hydraulic force is applied…even the most tightly “frozen” king pin is eased out. A job that could consume the better part of a work day is done in minutes.
    • With the special anchor pin adapter installed in the pusher’s base block, and the
      unit properly positioned over the brake spider, the anchor pin can be quickly and
      easily pressed out. The unit measures 271/2" high x 81/2" wide.
      Made in U.S.A.
    • 30 tons of hydraulic force replace torch and sledgehammer methods
    • Includes precision tooling, hydraulic pump and ram
    • Accommodates king pins of 7/8" to 2" in diameter and 11-1/4" in length
    Kit Includes:
    • King Pin and Anchor Pin Pusher
    • OTC- 4002 Hydraulic Hand Pump
    • OTC-9767 Hose
    • OTC- 9798 Hose Half Coupler
    • OTC-4121 Power Twin 30-ton ram
    • OTC-29424 Anchor pin adapter

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