SOL-QDD2 is Discontinued

12V Fast Charger with Dud Buster Technology 230V AC

SOL-QDD2 is Discontinued


Product Details

12V Fast Charger with Dud Buster Technology 230V AC

Model QDD features a "Deep Discharge Recovery" mode for charging sulfated and/or deeply discharged Conventional 12 Volt batteries. This provides extra initial charging voltage to overcome sulfation and then automatically adjusts to normal voltage once the battery begins to accept charging current. Features a 70 amp fast charge rate and 300 amp engine starting assistance.

Christie wheel chargers boast exclusive safety features that make battery charging safer for both the operator and the vehicle being charged. Our exclusive Voltage Spike Protection and Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection features prevent damage to vehicle computer and other electronic systems from reverse boosting and electrical spikes/surges. These features also prevent sparks resulting from reverse connections, which can cause battery explosions.



  • 12 Volt operation
  • 70A fast charge rate
  • 300A 12V engine starting assistance
  • Three charge rates (High, Med, Low)
  • 2-Hr timer with "Hold" position
  • Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Voltage Spike Protection
  • Christie-tough construction
  • Christie 5/2/1 Limited Warranty


  • AC Input Power: Volts AC 230 Volt; 8 amps AC 60 Hz
  • DC Output Power : 12 Volts DC (Nominal); 70 amps DC (Continuous)
  • 12V Boost Rate : 300A
  • Reverse Polarity Protection : Yes
  • Voltage Spike Protection : Yes
  • Weight : 53 lbs.
  • Warranty : Christie 5/2/1 Limited Warranty